Nnnmadonna and child with book raphael analysis

Barbara and raphaels madonna and child enthroned with saints. Raphael madonna and child enthroned with saints echeat. Hans memlings virgin and child and catherine of alexandria and st. Raphael was only about 19 years old when he painted this madonna and child. Raphael, virgin and child with book researchomatic. Raphael through this work has created somewhat of a meditation art piece. Raphael, virgin and child with book introduction in this painting, the balanced, serene figures are described simply and naturally. But his legendary genius for making all elements of a composition harmonious and meaningful is already apparent. Raphael for example his art work shows his ability to adapt to new styles and use his own personal style to create these amazing paintings. Overall experience has given me a new found appreciation for art. As if endowed with some innate sense of order, the robes of the virgin have arranged themselves into a triangle, bringing great stability to the picture. Raphael s madonna and child with the book, completed circa 1503, presents an idealised and iconic juxtaposition of mary, mother of jesus, and christ as a young child christ is depicted as naked and helpless although with a curiously precocious and strongwilled look in his eyes as he gazes up into the face of his mother, the madonna.

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