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Angell asked a delivery man, at his restaurant, to taste his newest sandwich creation. One of our favorite spots for a delicious meal was the maidrite, located at 5815 calumet avenue in hammond. He began franchising the idea and a chain of restaurants called maidrite began to spread throughout iowa. Crock pot iowa maidrites debbies midwestern kitchen. Texmex sloppy joes and the magic of maidrite in iowa.

Named best burger in ohio at times, but the award like the meat in the sandwich, is loose. There is no sauce to speak of, yet the beef is decidedly seasoned. Prepper series how to dry can beans and rice this controls bugs and larvae in food stores duration. His company office was in one corner of the building, but the books were maintained at home. A cheeserite sandwich at maidrite posted by ian froeb on mon, dec 8, 2008 at 2.

Taylors serves the only loosemeats sandwich in this book. Iowa butcher fred angell created the first maidrite sandwich in 1926. We also have a amish bakery, which includes pies, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and several types of bread. If you have ever been to the midwest or watched rosanne you probably have heard of maidrite also known as the loose meat sandwich. Recipes, history, and trivia for everything between.

Everyone has their own story about how they liked to order their maidrite. Along with tidbits of sandwich lore and state history, american sandwich is the perfect combination of food, ffacts, and fun. Iowa, the birthplace of maidrite back in 1926, has 26 remaining sites, where you can still eat the addictive beef crumble with mustard and dill pickles. Route 66, was added to the national register of historic places in 1984. The original maidrite sandwich was invented during 1926 in muscatine, iowa. The maid rite sandwich shop in springfield, illinois is located on one of the multiple route 66 that pass through this town.

Served with 100% pure beef with choice of mustard, pickle, onion. When this clone recipe for maid rite was originally posted on our web site several years ago, it elicited more email than any recipe in the sites history. Heres a recipe for one of my favorite quick, easy and cheap meals. For those not familiar with the popular iowa hamburgerinfluenced sandwich, a loosemeats, or maidrite and sometimes referred to as a tavern, is basically a deconstructed hamburger, or a sloppy joe without the slop. Locally owned they claim no relation to the maidrite sandwich shop franchises in iowa etc limited menu with 4 sandwich choices which include loose meat, chicken salad, egg salad or ham salad sandwiches. Its always been great to at least acceptable until my last stop sunday 1217. Why people go crazy for this one sandwich in small town ohio you dont have to be local to love the maidrite.

Maid rites loose meat sandwiches just a pinch recipes. A loose meat sandwich is like a soft crumbled hamburger, or sloppy joe. Maidrites loose meat sandwich franchise has been making delicious maidrite sandwiches since 1926. The eatery is a small, no frills, brick building located at 125 n. Some cooks add worcestershire sauce, mustard, soy sauce, paprika, or sugar. The maidrite sandwich was invented in muscatine in 1926.

When the east texas oil boom hit in 1931, the demand for soft drinks grew rapidly, and the plant began working 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Google local muscatine maidrite eventually, angell and his son opened the first carhop style restaurant around, and soon franchisees opened their own maidrite restaurants around iowa. It all began when fred angell, an iowa butcher, created the sandwich 90 years ago and tested it on a friend, who gleefully proclaimed. When this clone recipe for maidrite was originally posted on our web site several years ago, it elicited more email.

No one knows the exact ritemaid loose meat sandwich recipe, and the only ingredients everyone seems to agree on beef, salt, and pepper. Original greenville, ohio maidrite meat sandwich recipe loose. Numerous midwesterners were keyboardready to insist that the clone was far from accurate without the. Maidrite is an american casual dining franchise restaurant chain. Since 1926 our maid rite restaurants have been serving our delicious loose meat fresh ground beef sandwiches seasoned to per fection to the greater quad cities.

Iowa style maidrite sandwiches recipe dine and dish. Its all about the loose meat sandwich, an interesting regional take on a hamburger that should be experienced at least once. Fred was quite a sandwich maker but not much of a speller. They look a lot like sloppy joes but without the sloppy. Thats the truth of the matter, proudly declared on the famous small town ohio eaterys website although the maidrite franchise. Its been an iowa tradition since 1926, and today this sandwich has a huge cult following. The big difference between a sloppy joe and a maid rite sandwich is a sloppy joe is made with some sort of sauce where a maid rite uses just dry crumpled ground beef. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. After growing up in iowa a block away from a maidrite and living in chicago for a long time, ive been stopping at this maidrite for the last 15 years to eat and or grab my favorite food in the world on the go.

Maidrite fast food 3708 n division st, davenport, ia. Loosemeat sandwiches or maidrites cheap bastid cooks. For more than eight decades, maidrite has been serving patrons like alton their loose meat sandwiches made with a special blend of ground meat and spices and served on a warm bun. Alanna nogowskialanna nogowski hamburger meat recipes copycat maidrite loose meat sandwiches maidrite is an. A maid rite is a loose ground beef sandwich with onions and a not sloppy sauce. Still it was a good loose meat sandwich but not the maid rite flavor i was. Fred began to franchise his idea, selling the rights to newton, iowa in 1927 and marshalltown, iowa in 1928. Folks from iowa are most likely very familiar with the maidrite sandwich. Theres more than one, because of changes to the route over time. With taylors maidrites send a maidrite program, you can order our famous taylors maidrites by phone or internet and have them shipped directly to you or someone else anywhere in the united states. The best maid rite ground beef recipes on yummly maidrite copycat, iowa maidrites, maidrite sandwiches. The original was in muscatine, iowa and opened in 1929.

Iowa ive mad maidrite sandwiches, grilled corn, and a dessert affectionally known as scotcharoos. The maid rite sandwich shop, inventors of the drive. Im sorry but i live in iowa and these are not like the maid rites i know. Today one of the few original shops remains in marshalltown, iowa taylors maidrite.

Maid rite in greenville oh the story behind gum on greenville home of the maid rite daily advocate maid rite sandwich pe photos pictures of maid rite sandwiches, also known as tavern sandwiches, consist of loose ground beef and a mixture. Loose meat sandwich maidrite recipe coupon cravings. Muscatine maidrite opened in 1926 when butcher fred angell decided to sell his creation a loose meat sandwich to the public via walkup window. Recipes, history, and trivia for everything between sliced bread kindle edition by russo, susan, armendariz, matt. Maid rite sandwiches, also known as tavern sandwiches, consist of loose ground beef, similar to a sloppy joe minus the sauce, and a mixture of. Ive had several people ask me about the history of the maidrite sandwich. Heres my easy maidrite recipe that we often make for dinner at.

Our select line of seasoned loose meat sandwiches are made from 100% usda midwestern fresh ground beef served on a fresh steamed white or wheat bun, with your choice of ketchup, mustard, onion and pickles. In 1926, fred angell, a respected butcher in muscatine, iowa, combined a special cut and grind of meat with a selected set of spices and created the one and only maidrite sandwich. The owner of that restaurant started serving the original maidrite sandwiches in 1926 and the franchises expanded from there. Right down the street from the garst museum is the famous maidrite. This web site is not an offer to sell a maidrite franchise in, nor are the communications directed by maidrite corporation to the residents of, any state that requires registration before offering and selling a franchise in. There is a local restaurant in marshalltown, iowa which is near my husbands home town. This restaurant is on the national register of historic places and claims to have invented the concept of the drivethroughwindow, although that doesnt quite jive with the corporate history of the. The building, an historic landmark, is quite small, white with red trimvery cute.

Its loosemeat sandwiches or maidrites, a midwestern favorite. The best place in the south if you have a hankering for a pimiento cheese. The classic maidrite is a loose meat sandwich made with perfectly seasoned, tender slowcooked ground beef. Butcher fred angell steamed hamburger instead of frying it and slurried in some spices. Whether for breakfast, lunch, or supper, the recipes in this book offer the best from each of the 50 states. When this clone recipe for maidrite was originally posted on our.

Maidrite sandwich shop springfield, illinois wikipedia. Loose meat sandwich recipe maidrite copycat culinary hill. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading the encyclopedia of sandwiches. They have the maidrite sandwich, bbq, chili, chili dog, grilled cheese, polish sausage and hot dogs. Maidrites are a popular midwestern loose meat sandwich, and theyre full of savory goodness.

We take pride in offering the quad cities an american classic. The maidrite sandwich shop in springfield, illinois is. Corporation type private industry restaurant founded 1926 founders fred angell headquarters. Maidrite corporation home of the loose meat sandwich. He offered one of his sandwiches to a delivery man who was so enthused that he said, fred, you know this sandwich is made right. M aid rite is actually a small chain of restaurants in the midwest. Quad city maidrite classic american restaurants serving.

This is an excerpt from my 2016 book, iowas culinary history. Just wanted to let you all know that if youre ever in southern illinios, there is a maidrite right here in christopher. Fred angell started the concept in muscatine, iowa. Angell was a butcher in muscatine, iowa, who combined a special cut and grind of meat with a selected set of spices and created the maidrite sandwich, which is not a traditional hamburger. While the component meat is similar, the maidrite sandwichs meat is not formed into a patty. Angell thereafter dubbed the sandwich maidrite, a name that he regarded as conveying a wholesome and pure aura. The maidrite sandwich shop in springfield, illinois is one of the few remaining early maidrite franchises in the united states. Up to date maid rite prices and menu, including breakfast, dinner, kids meal and more.

You could order it with with m and p mustard and paperthin pickles and before you knew it, the loose meat tastetreat sat in front of you. French fries and chips are the sides and the best pie made fresh every morning. The maid rite sandwich is a loose meat sandwich made from seasonings and ground beef. Maid rite corporation home of the loose meat sandwich restaurant franchise maid rite. Legend has it that he served a crumbly beef sandwich with a special seasoning blend to a passing delivery man, who proclaimed that it was made just right. Best sloppy joe recipe and history the reluctant gourmet. The maidrite is a groundbeef sandwich not a patty, butwhats called loose meat made with a proprietary seasoningblend and served on a soft hamburger bun. Aug 20, 2014 original greenville, ohio maidrite meat sandwich recipe. This specific shop, built in 1921, claims to have the first drivethru window in the u. Maid rite recipe loose meat sandwiches, maidrites recipe. Maid rite s loose meat sandwich franchise has been making delicious maid rite sandwiches since 1926.

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