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Cdc rwanda was delighted to host pepfars first regional training on gis in africa october 1721, 2017, at the kigali marriott hotel. Standards for processing gis data are developed by an open consortium known as the open geospatial consortium. Please refer to the accompanying report for methods, assumptions, and references for data sources. Download free rwanda mapsfree map downloadsfree world country map downloads. Metadata is available that describes the content, source, and currency of the data. This shapefile was created while dividing the country into enumeration area for the 2012 population and housing census. Comprehensibe knowledge base in the form of gis data, maps, and expert reports that provides strategic information on solar potential of a region. Following data portals are rwanda specific adaptations of specific webbased data platforms. The gis program helps support more informed planning and decisionmaking as well as enhances a broad public understanding of parks and programs through data and tools for mapping, visualization, and analysis. The data used included a 10m dem, flood rating curves and river networks for the select basins. Page 1 of 4, go to next page doing gis doesnt have to be expensive or complicated. The user accepts the data as is, and assumes all risks associated with its use.

Rwanda geographic information systems national institute. Proof of concept for global urban area dataset please give feedback soi open data. National weather service data download in gis format. Unless otherwise indicated, data and analysis by the national institute of statistics of rwanda nisr is licensed under a creative commons attribution 4.

The maps and data for rwanda have been released in parallel with global solar atlas, which is published by the world bank group, funded by esmap, and prepared by solargis. Geocode databases in acecess, mysql sql server, etc. The united states geological survey usgs provides these data sets and associated maps as a part of its national mapping program. United nations geospatial information section web site. Maps can aid better visualization, understanding, and response. The oregon spatial data library provides public access to reliable and uptodate spatial data. The background is a falsecolor landsat mosaic from 2000. If you are new to gis, check out our free gis tutorial and atlas. Maps provide a common frame of reference and integrate all types of relevant data. Boundaries were adjusted in the gis lab using the 20082009 aerial photographs. Rwanda the human capital index hci database provides data at the country level for each of the components of the human capital index as well as for the overall index, disaggregated by gender. Boundaries were adjusted in the gis lab using the 20082009 orthophotos taken by the rwanda natural resource authority.

Esri rwanda has a staff of seven, six gis professionals and one administrative assistant. June 27, 2016 by elizabeth borneman gis data called the enacts enhancing national climate services initiative, scientists are using satellite data in order to estimate rainfall, temperature, and other information to fill in a 15 year gap in climate data collection for rwanda. By accepting this data, the user agrees not to transmit this data or provide access to it or any part of it to another party unless the user shall include with the data a copy of this disclaimer. You can now start importing your own data for the map. The index measures the amount of human capital that a child born today can expect to attain by age 18, given the risks of poor health and poor education. This is the official web site of the united nations cartographic section in new york. Complete geocode data sets for africa geocode data. Cadastre, gis, geomaps, kigali, kcc summary in recent years, cadastre systems. Oregon geospatial data clearinghouse state of oregon.

The lulc mapping program is designed so that standard topographic maps of a scale of 1. Please contact us if you find a bug for full functionality you should also download the climate data to install divagis on a mac osx, read. This site provides applications and web map services for topographic information for the nation. This interactive map can be used in conjunction with the searez multiobjective zone ranking tool. The shapefile was created in 2006 and updated by the 2012 census mapping.

To use gis tools effectively, pepfar staff must be trained. Climate prediction center gis data shapefile and raster. Homepage data catalog gallery census data sdg nsdp. This integration of mapping technology with genocide research and data will provide an innovative means of analyzing and interpreting genocide occurrences, both historic and contemporary. Rwanda administrative levels 04 boundaries humanitarian data. Click on the button setup shapefile in the topleft.

This information includes topographic maps and geographic information system gis data for elevation, hydrography, watersheds, geographic names, orthoimagery, governmental units. Flyer gis for rwanda pdf if you have any questions, need support, or want to purchase gis software, please contact us. Each of these, has a dedicated database system, modeled for specific data types microdata, aggregate data and geospatial data etc. Providing interactive access, data and metadata in these data portals are directly populated by the. Download vector layers and readytogo gis projects based on osm esri shape, geodatabase, geojson, pdf, csv, tab, pbf, xml, sql formats for qgis. Rwanda hosts the first regional gis training for pepfar. Sector is one of administrative entity in rwanda administration, they are under district authority.

Download expertgps download now and start your free trial of expertgps 7. Then get free gis software and free arcgis shapefiles here on these pages free world shapefiles by country. Offshelf global data of rwandalowcost, rapid delivery. Visit the gis, cartography, and mapping subject site for further information regarding these subjects across the national park service.

Geospatial information systems gis are an important tool to link hiv program data to geographic information. Administrative areas boundaries, country outlines and administrative subdivisions for all countries. All maps on this page are licensed by the world bank under the creative commons attribution license with the mandatory and binding addition presented in global solar atlas terms. World data center system home page for the world data center system hosted by the wdcs boulder, collocated with the noaa national geophysical data center ngdc. The area of rwanda is 26,798 square kilometers, but hydrological modeling requires that we. All spatial data is published with metadata representing the who, what, when, where and how of the dataset. The oregon spatial data library is a joint effort between the department of administrative services geospatial enterprise office and oregon state university. Rwanda administrative levels 04 boundaries the admin boundary shapefiles for rwanda since 2006. Webgis free lulc data geographic information systems. Maps and geographic information systems gis provide valuable insights to manage the crisis, maintain continuity of operations, and increase resilience for longterm recovery. Free arcgis gis shapefile maps geospatial data for digital. This data was created using the servir gis flood mapping tool.

Use expertgps to upload data from your gps, convert rwandan coordinates, calculate area, and create professional maps that you can print out or include in reports. Washington stat geospatial archives gis data download provides access and links to gis data for the state of washington and other selected global areas. Discover, explore, and download open data from nisrs geodata portal. If you have any questions concerning any of the gis data provided here, please contact the person responsible for the data. The total number of sectors is four hundred and sixteen 416. Data in support of the us drought monitoring contact. Project information the genocide gis combines geographic information along with images, text, and statistical data. This dataset represents rwanda 90 meters dem and was provided by. Rwanda administrative levels 04 boundaries humanitarian. Data portals national institute of statistics rwanda. Land use map of rwanda prepared during a workshop held in butare, rwanda. The national map data download and visualization services. A gis software solution is designed to record, collect, manipulate, analyze and interpret all types of spatial or geographical data. In addition to public domain gis solutions, several commercial vendors provide gis software to businesses, including esri and.

A longterm initiative by usaid to address the issues of deforestation and biodiversity loss in the congo basin forest zone. Gis is being used for managing spatial data and for supporting decisionmaking processes in various governmental domains such as cadastre, public health, education, transportation and road planning, utilities, and agriculture as well as in the private sector. Shapefiles are an open published defacto industry and government standard gis format viewable by many, commercial and open source gis desktop and sever applications. National institute of statistics of rwanda, ministry of finance and economic planningrwanda, ministry of healthrwanda, and icf international. For projects requiring special nongis knowledge, esri rwanda collaborates with external domain matter experts while assuming the overall responsibility for. Explore and visualize gis data, static and interactive maps for the whole of rwanda. Download national datasets data collected and managed by forest service programs is available in a map service and two downloadable file formats in a shape file and an esri file geodatabase. This is a commonly used format that can be directly used in arcanything, divagis, and many other programs. To save the maps to your computer, rightclick on the link. Blok sensus shapefile data 2019 cyprus inspire open data. Rwanda kigali city council kcc cadastral information. Note that maps may not appear on the webpage in their full size and resolution.

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