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Nba referees wired 4 featuring joey crawford, rasheed wallace, etc. Team mascot and referees dance off takes an unexpected. Off the ball incident page 2 refchat the refereeing forum. Behind the horn 112812 the joey crawford dance youtube. I heard my notification go off for fdny manhattan fire dispatch lol whoever did this. Joey crawford makes a horrible call against the lakers vs. It could be obvious in that he was following play and the fight started behind their back, but ive also seen it where the referees created their own problems. Match abandoned due to brawl refchat the refereeing forum. Please use this section of the board if there is no specific section for your query. Schiri tanzt gangnam style referee dances gangnam style. Pacers in crunch time but makes up for it by performing the gangnam style dance for the crowd. A video of a nba referee dancing to gangnam style has been gaining attention. Off the ball incident page 2 refchat the refereeing.

Mar 19, 2018 if the referee hasnt seen it start the first thing i would be looking at is why he hasnt seen it. Psys gangnam style, which was first released 6 months ago, still has not died down in terms of popularity. I believe the english way is to stand back and observe then take action but, in scotland, officials would have been in, least 1, possibly 2, trying to act as barrier, separate who you can, yes, create that triangle view point but, i suppose its just what you feel comfy with. Now that gangnam style is old news, the joey crawford is sweeping. When a match is failing to entertain you, running down the sideline imitating the linesman isnt normally what comes to mind. The university of hawaii mens basketball team goes gangnam style at the 2012 ohana hoopfest. Player dances with the referee at gangnam style song. Nba ref joey crawford dances to gangnam style youtube. Gangnam style chat app lol jennings is an offensive player, he thought the packers were playing for a touchdown, its a simultaneous catch seen it everytime 2 players catch it at the same time in endzone jennings shoulda tipped it up high bakwards outta bounds proves tate caught it, first rule of defence on last second plays is knock it down or outta bounds no catches.

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