The great high priest in the book of leviticus outlines

The sacrifices of leviticus point to the supreme sacrifice of jesus christ, the lamb of god, who shed his blood once and for all for the sins of all mankind. The book of hebrews was written to a group of jews who were exiled from israel. And melchizedek king of salem brought forth bread and wine. These passages also describe how to use the altar for the sacrifices and the offerings to god. A pagan priest bars the approach to god, claiming mystical powers, and denies the finished work of christ and the priesthood of all believers. It is a carefully arranged reference manual for the levitical priests. Since there is so much said about the high priest in the book of hebrews, especially chapters 59, i want us to limit our study to the first four verses of chapter 5 and learn about this unique old testament office. The following outline organizes the major issues covered in this thematic guide. Leviticus is a remarkable book, as the contents are considered in the light of the new testament. Much like paul, who was a persecutor of the church, and then came, by gods grace, to be a great apostle to the church, aaron, a hindrance to moses and israel, now becomes her spiritual leader. In the book of leviticus, as in all of the bible, god is teaching us truth about ourselves. Leviticus 4 5 the sin and the trespass guilt offerings. The book opens and concludes at the same geographical.

The book of leviticus is designed to teach us three major principles. These things in themselves evince a very highhanded disregard of divine order. The levitical priesthood, carrying out its instructions, rendered sacred service in a typical representation and a shadow of the heavenly things. Learn what the bible teaches in the book of leviticus. It consists of various laws that god gave to the israelites through moses as rules for the covenant which he had. The book of hebrews has much to say about christ as our great high. Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven, jesus the son of god, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. Then he took the book of the covenant and read in the hearing of the people. The word holy is mentioned more times in leviticus, than any other book in the bible. He has, by his one great sacrifice for sin, forever put away all the sins of all his people isa. Ppt jesus, our high priest powerpoint presentation. Aaron is the picture of that great high priest, jesus christ our lord. The household of the high priest was included because the office was inherited.

In the new testament, jesus is identified as the great high priest. It is the law as applied to the sacrificial and ceremonial system. Many bible verses validate that fact, that thought. The book of leviticus is described by some as a priest s handbook. Jesus christ is the high priest for believers he is the one who represents the people before god the father. The old testament sacrificial system as outlined in leviticus was given for. The book opens and concludes at the same geographical spot, mount sinai, where god gave the law. One can only explain the aaronic priesthood as purely a matter of gods grace. General fire came from god and burnt the offering after the priest went into the most holy place and offered sacrificial blood for atonement. However, under the new covenant we have a different kind of high priest. The bible speaks of many different kinds of priests. Forty days after his resurrection, the lord led his followers out of jerusalem toward bethany. In this book, aaron is consecrated as the high priest, but this is also the book in which god kills aarons sons. Fifteen times in the book of hebrews jesus is named as high priest.

This broadcast discusses the work of jesus as our great high priest in the heavenly sanctuary. Now moses develops these forms of worship in much more detail. Try meditating on the picture of a high priest sacrificing an animal and. This sermon looks at the name of jesus as being our our great high priest.

Leviticuss narrative elements have a lot to do with aaron. Now the office of high priest was undoubtedly a picture of jesus christ our lord. Leviticus 8 is the beginning of a time of celebration for the nation of israel. The duties of the high priest and his special vestments are outlined in the books of exodus and leviticus, the chief references being ex. The beauty of book by book is that it offers not only great biblical depth, but also flexibility of approach to study. The aaronic priesthood is just being formally established in leviticus chapter 8, but the. The pagan notion of priesthood colors our thinking. God invites israel to live in close proximity to his holy presence. We will see this more next week this is important for hebrew believers to see because they were accustomed to approaching god through the priest. This is a basic description of who and what the high priest was under the old covenant.

Priests serve as intermediaries between god and israel. Leviticus presents a manual of worship containing instructions for the ancient priests. The office of the high priest is a fascinating study. This book is about as dull as anything possibly could be to the average christian and you wont find very many classes or individuals reading and studying the book of leviticus. To offer a goat, and a bullock for a sin offering, ver. The whole service is committed to the high priest, who is, then only to come into the holy of holies, in his linen garments with a young bullock, ver. Gods purpose among men is to make us into whole people again.

A priest must focus on magnifying gods name, offering prayer as incense, and having a burning zeal for worship with no weariness and no deception. God appointed one of the 12 israelite tribes, the levites, to be priestsmediators between god and his people. Back to the home page back to the bible outlines catholic doors ministry presents an outline of the book of leviticus. It is a continuation from his writings in exodus, which follows on, chronologically from the book of genesis. Few topics are more central to the hebrew bible than priests and priesthood. And moses took half the blood and put it in basins, and half the blood he sprinkled on the altar. It is so good to know that our great high priest has entered into heaven for us with the blood not of animals, but his own blood, and has offered it on the mercy seat before the throne of god, that our sins have been put away and that the door of fellowship with god has been opened whereby i can fulfill the basic purpose of my existence by. Certainly no more than 120 persons the crowd assembled on the day of pentecost.

The leviticus account begins with the second year of the exodus, when the hebrews are already in the middle of the wilderness. Detailed outline of the book of leviticus offerings. The high priest is the chief judge or the ephod this ous the armor of god. Never more than one priest was to officiate in burning incense at the same time. This great exchange of imputing our sins to christ and his sins to us is. All of us need a priest we have a lack and we need help. The book begins with the burnt offering and concludes with redemption. The next section of leviticus chapters 810 focuses on the priesthood. The institution of the yearly day of atonement for the whole nation. It is an honor and privilege to be called to the office of priest to assist our elder brother, the high priest, and the epitome of.

Moses presence and faith in christ is the picture which dominated the book of exodus. The burden of the book of hebrews is to show that the way of christ is the better way. According to verse 1, another great thing about the reality which is greater than the shadow is that our high priest is seated at the right hand of the majesty in heaven. Aaronmoses older brother and the high priest of israel, aaron is a character to keep an eye on throughout the pentateuch. From chapter 17, sacrifice and offerings are laid out for priests and individuals in detail. The third book of the pentateuch, containing laws from god on sacrifices, purity, and other matters connected with jehovahs worship. Try meditating on the picture of a high priest sacrificing an animal and both priest and animal are types of christ and imagine the implications of christs work on the cross. There were the eleven disciples, and maybe the women who had accompanied jesus so faithfully, and maybe some others as well. Leviticus is the third book of five in the pentateuch.

In the previous book the tent already figured with its altars and regulations about the worship to be given to yahweh. This summary of the book of leviticus provides information about the title, authors, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of leviticus. Leviticus s narrative elements have a lot to do with aaron. This is a beautiful picture of how our great high priest always holds in public purview his ultimate purpose in our lives. The book opens with an overview of five types of sacrifices that had been going on in israel for years. Leviticus continues the theme found in exodus that god is holy and his people should be holy too. Brian yeagers sermons, sermon outlines, church of christ, bible truths, baptism, simple bible studies outline of the book of leviticus brian yeagers outlines. Christ is both our priest and our sinatoning sacrifice, the lamb of god who has taken away our sins. In the book of leviticus the children of israel were marking time at mount sinai. Leviticus re chapter 8 the high priest regalia see more.

And, in fact, you are a priest and you have the ministry which will be outlined as we. This is because much of the material in the book are instructions for how the levites priests are to lead and intercede gods people in their relationship with him. Following is our overview and outline of leviticus. No, we are not going to go versebyverse through the book of leviticus, but i would like to view the seven major sacrifices with you. As we have already learned from the book of leviticus the word holiness really means wholeness. While the majority of the book was written to believers to encourage them to remain faithful to their commitment to jesus, this book was also written. Atonement was made once every year by the high priest. The names of jesus the great high priest after jesuss death and resurrection, he ascended into heaven where he took upon himself, not only the title, but also the ministry. The priests of leviticus are symbolic of our great high priest, jesus. The sin offering for the high priest and his household vv.

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