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Carly seemed to get pretty turned on by freddies tech talk in isaved your life, calling it cute and geeky, and coining the word cukey. Spencer and sasha play it like that type of game actually would, but carlys actor miranda cosgrove probably had no experience with that type of game, and at the end, carly plays the machine by wigging the control stick around so hard the box keeps. This season is the first to have a major plot twist, as it sees. To curb his addiction, carly brings sasha striker, the top pak rat player in the world, to compete against spencer to defend her title as the world champion of pak rat. After spencer defeats striker in a televised match on the video game network channel full of nerds who barge into the.

After discovering who she is, sam says that there must be some way to find her so she could play against spencer, who was very ambitious in this game. The danger will come from four cats trying to catch your rat. He refuses to stop playing until the kids convince sasha striker, whos known as the pak rat world champion, to challenge him. Unless youre an internet celebrity with a webcast the whole school is talking about.

Lorena segura york was born in 1980 in sherman oaks, california, usa. In the role of pacman today by ordinary mouse, hunting for a piece of delicious cheese. Miranda cosgrove in icarly 2007 jerry trainor and miranda cosgrove in icarly 2007 jennette mccurdy in icarly 2007 jerry trainor. Victorious freak the freak out full episode by forever channel. When spencer becomes obsessed with pak rat not wanting to stop playing until he defeats her record, the icarly gang track her down via their webshow. He spends all his time playing the game refusing to even go to the bathroom or do the work hes being paid for. Gibby pinball play a little game of pinball with gibby. It seems to be a prerecorded video set into an old arcade machine box. This season is the first to have a major plot twist, as it sees sam and freddie sharing their first kiss, just to. Using a maze need to try to trick the cats and collect. The team go to japan after icarly is nominated at the iweb awards. One of the hottest shows on cable, drawing an increasing amount of positive feedback from kids, parents and the critics, icarly may also be one of the funniest sitcoms on all of television right now.

List of icarly episodes simple english wikipedia, the. This is jim gaffigans act and icarly episodes together. Sam tries to con freddie into thinking an unforwarded chain email is bringing him bad luck. This interferes with spencer finishing a commissioned sculpture. When carly, sam, and freddie urge the icarly fans to vote david archuleta to victory on america sings, they feel bad for the runnerup and help him make a music video. In istage an intervention, spencer becomes obsessed with an old video game called pak rat. See results from the icarly episodes quiz on sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet. Season 2, volume 1, another split season offering of the first 11 episodes of the smash hit tween series second outing, which began airing last september. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds.

Spencer falls asleep while playing to much pak rat. A total of six seasons and 109 episodes were produced, broadcast as 97 aired episodes. Spencer finds an arcade game called pakrat at the junkyard and becomes addicted playing it. To watch full episodes of all of your favourite shows, tune in to the. It is a very addicting game since spencer and carly became obsessed with it the game can be played here on icarly. Jerry trainor costars as carlys big brother spencer. The point is to collect all the items that are on the screen. Sasha striker is the now former pak rat champion dethroned by spencer who appeared in istage an intervention. Meanwhile, freddie deletes a chain email from gibby, and shortly experiences what seems to be a run of bad luck.

At the age of 16, she got the world record for the highest pak rat score in a single game. Lewbert, carlys doorman, gets injured during a muffin basket prank. The second season of icarly aired on nickelodeon from september 27, 2008 to august 8, 2009. The icarly gang becomes the directors for broken pop star ginger foxs comeback, but they soon see how much work is involved. To make spencer stop playing pak rat all the time, carly brings the top pak rat player in. He also directed the episode ienrage gibby in season 3. On april 14, 2011, nickelodeon officially announced the fifth and final production season renewal of icarly to begin in 2012 with the episodes airing later that year. Spencer keeps playing pak rat, even though he has to pee so bad. Spencer finds a pak rat video game and becomes addicted to it. Carly tries to lure spencer away from an addiction to video games. Not done quite as well with pak rat during istage an intervention. With miranda cosgrove, jennette mccurdy, nathan kress, jerry trainor.

She is known for her work on catching faith 2015, home sweet home 2012 and bob steel 2004. Dan schneider icarly igo one direction what makes you beautiful. Launch the ball and see how many points you can rack up. Pac rat is a series of arcade games, seen in various locations such as noiseland video arcade, the family fun center, and zip zap andza pizza arcade. When icarly becomes an instant hit, carly and her pals have to balance their newfound success with the problems of everyday life, like fitting in in highschool, dealing with crushes and deciding which flavor to get at the groovy. Spencer finds a classic arcade game called pak rat at a junkyard. Pakrat is an arcade game developed by pixel opus arcade inc. Spencer finds a pak rat video game cabinet in a junkyard and becomes addicted to it, whilst procrastinating on a commissioned labradoodle sculpture.

He also obtains a job making a labradoodle sculpture for. The season continues the stories of carly shay miranda cosgrove, sam puckett jennette mccurdy, and freddie benson nathan kress as they produce their own web show called icarly. Sasha striker in the episode istage an intervention who set the record for highest pak rat score. And when spencer turns around to the kids about the pakrat game, the door is shut. These episodes would air as the shows sixth season due to the second season production of 45 episodes.

Skill action arcade adventure card classic fighting racing kids enigma girl management words musical platform puzzle thinking roleplaying sport strategy shooting. Sam is also shown numerous times playing rhythm games, and carly is shown a few times as well. The season continues the stories of carly shay, sam puckett, and freddie benson as they produce their own web show called icarly. Spencer finds an old game called pak rat parody of pacman in a junkyard, and after setting it up, he plays it nonstop. Spencer goes headtohead with pak rat champion sasha striker, but. When icarly becomes an instant hit, carly and her pals have to balance their newfound success with the problems of everyday life.

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